Al Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law firm is a reputed firm in Kuwait among the Middle East Law firms. The office provides comprehensive legal services par high quality, and proactive manner. We have qualified lawyers experienced in International and Kuwaiti laws. We offer prompt and effective communication with clients and maintain a good customer relationship management service. Over a decade since its inception, Al Daidhan Al Ajmi Law firm has made tremendous stride and progress in the Commercial, Labor and Civil Litigation cases, Dispute resolution over Intellectual Property, Arbitration and Mediation, Property, Insurance of civil matters and Contracts dealing with Oil/gas, EPC spheres.

Our expertise in handling new and existing ventures of business has placed us in the forefront. We deal with agreements of ventures in Commercial law, Corporate law, Civil law, and technology/Intellectual property law. Our scope lies in Negotiation, Draft and Review of Agency and Distribution agreements,basic Purchase agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Agency contracts, Construction contracts, operation and maintenance agreements, natural gas and other fuel supply agreements. Interpretation of Contract conditions and appraising senior management on major contract commitments and obligations that might emerge in the path of execution.

Preparation of daily reports, Inventory, Invoice, Letter of Credit operation, Insurance. Preparation of Bank Guarantees, Mortgages, Lease Agreements, Rent Agreements, and Documentations connected with properties (Sale and Purchases).

Provides assistance and guidance to foreign agencies and other clients on numerous regulatory and compliance issues, including the relationships between the foreign agencies and the government.

Advise corporate and commercial establishments on various legal issues of internal and external jurisdiction.


Arbitration and Mediation

Provide Arbitration and Mediation services.Arbitration experience includes joint venture disputes, International claims relating to the sale of oil & gas, metals/ minerals, supply of foodstuffs, transport problems, bill of lading and charter party disputes, transactional disputes usually arising out of oil/ mineral concessions, banking disputes, letters of credit/ performance bonds, arbitration enforcement issues, defamation issues and breach of contract actions.

Joint Ventures

Core areas of practice include providing assistance and advice to clients on joint ventures, international commercial strategic alliancesneeded to succeed in their business.

Energy Sector

Provide a wide range of legal services to clients in the industry. Our services span from matters relating to corporate restructuring issues and EPC Projects to project development both upstream and downstream.

Labor and Employment

The team of counsels has managed labor issues and is well equipped to meet the challenging needs of its clients in the employment front in order to support them in their labor and industrial relations and the legal issues related thereto. By closely working with our clients, mainly the employers, we have been successful in accomplishing our clients main objective of minimizing their legal risk and efficient human resource management by aiding them in making the right employment policy decisions.

Intellectual Property Rights

We make our clients legal transactions simple. We constantly make it a point to ensure that our clients are enjoying the optimum protection available through patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc. It is very important to us that our clients are involved in every step of the way and that the overall process is a simple yet sophisticated one.

Aviation and Maritime Law

The Aviation law of Kuwait though still nascent is growing steadily. Law No 30 of 1960 or the Kuwait Civil Air Navigation Regulations enacted by the Amiri Decree regulates the aviation industry. The said law covers all the major aspects of supervision of aviation activities and the ICAO Standards are therefore binding on all the users.

Administration of the Kuwait marine related disputes and in governing maritime issues while avoiding legal risk and liability. Our services provide our clients with a legal structure that regulates their relationship pertaining to any issues pertaining to shipping and maritime law.

Real Estate Practice

It is important that our clients know their rights and obligations while involving in real estate transactions and hence we provide the legal advice required to aid and assist them through the regulations and statutes pertaining to matters such as commercial and residential real estate property transactions. We advise and serve our clients with our expertise on a broad range of property issues such as, easement disputes, foreclosures, property deeds, real estate warranties, different types of mortgages, insurance, issues related to buying and selling real estate.

Family Law

The Kuwait family Law was enacted in 1984. Our Consultants have expertise in settling inheritance and divorce matters.

Civil law

The highlight of the firm is handling civil cases with ease and and in a proactive manner.For example, our firm has the reputation for recovery of damages and liquidation of investment companies.

Banking Service Practice

We are a team of outstanding professionals who serve our clients with solutions to the legal issues they confront in their banking transactions..


The team looks after all legal actions in the Courts of Kuwait and is licensed to appear before all Kuwaiti Courts (i.e. including the Constitutional Court and the Court of Cassation which is Kuwait's highest court of appeal).


Provide legal consultancies in the various branches of law, attend meetings, whether on the level of individuals or companies which in turn require the existence of attorneys and legal consultants to present the best solutions and directions in the various fields, whether these meeting are related to concluding contract, disputes, commercial transactions and so forth .

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